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Dump Trailers

Durability, Reliability. Trailers that can handle the tough loads. Bri-Mar prides itself on its main product line of dump trailers. These trailers lead the industry in innovation and features. They are built with superb craftsmanship and top-shelf components that you just won't find anywhere else!

Equipment Trailers

A good Equipment Trailer is almost as important as the equipment it hauls, so why not get the best. The Bri-Mar Equipment Trailer series makes any job easier with ramps or a landscape gate for quick loading and unloading of pavement, construction or landscaping equipment.

Tilt Trailers

The easiest way to load and unload equipment is now available in the Tilt Trailer Series. No need for ramps, just drive onto the low angle deck and the hydraulic cylinder does the rest. Any easier and it would load the equipment for you.

Car Trailers

Worry free loading and unloading is now available with the Car Trailer. No more damage to lower profile front ends or after market effects with this new low load angle trailer. The removable fenders make it easy to open doors after it is fully loaded.

Dump Insert

Convert your pickup truck into a dump truck with Bri-Mar's dump insert.
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Utility Trailers

The best way to move your mowing machines, ATV's, and other small equipment is with a Bri-Mar Utility Trailer. Complete with 4' long drive-on gates, tubing uprights and top rail, a spare tire carrier, and powder coat finish, these trailers will handle the job with ease (and the weekend of fun too!).

Durability, Reliability. Trailers that can handle the tough loads.
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