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Snow Plows

Fisher SD Series Snow Plow

Even though many of today's four-wheel-drive vehicles have gotten smaller and lighter, it doesn't mean they can't still be a high-performance snow plowing machine. With the FISHER® SD Series snow plow, you can make short work of that storm in no time flat. Just like the pros.

Fisher HD2 Series Snow Plow

When the pros are looking for a straight blade with real earning power, they turn to the rugged FISHER® HD2 Series more than any other snow plow in the FISHER line. With 7 ½', 8', 8 ½' and 9' options, there's a tough HD2 ready to meet the demands of even your most punishing commercial applications.

Fisher HDX Straight Blade Plow

Ideal for the commercial contractor, the FISHER® HDX™ stainless steel snow plow takes innovation and productivity to a whole new level. With an adjustable attack angle and articulating A-frame, you get more ground-hugging, clean-scraping performance than you ever thought possible.

Fisher XtremeV V-Plow

Power Trip
Come on, admit it. With the ability to change from V to straight to scoop mode, plowing snow with the XtremeV™ is kind of a rush. Fast hydraulics and the FISHER® Trip-Edge Design, mean you can get in your zone, with no wake-up calls. And if getting the jobs done faster means you make more money, now that's real power!

Fisher XV2 V-Plow

Power Trip
The most severe storms demand the most extreme measures. Put an XV2™ v-plow on your truck and you'll be unstoppable. Your capabilities will have no limits. You'll be hammering through the big ones while others are left stuck in their tracks.

Fisher XLS Expandable Length Snow Plow

This Changes Everything
Change the way you plow snow, and take your business to the next level of profitability, with the FISHER® XLS™ Expandable Length Snow Plow. With the ability to expand from 8 to 10 ft. wide, and then angle the wings to a 9 ft. scoop, or the ultimate windrowing configuration, you can be up to 30% more efficient.

Fisher Spreaders

Low Profile Tailgate Spreader...

For the ultimate in convenience and performance, this line of low profile tailgate spreaders provides a clear view from the cab. Low profile spreaders are ideal for spreading #1 rock salt, calcium chloride and other de-icing materials. So when you've got slippery driveways and parking lots to control, and you don't want bulky spreaders blocking the view, the difference is clear, with FISHER.
Model 500 Low Profile
Vehicles with Class III Hitch
  • Material – Salt
  • 34" x 39" x21"
  • 10" Spinner
  • Spreading Width – 3' – 30'
  • 5 cu.yrd. Capacity
  • Optional Top Screen and Adjustable Deflector
Model 1000 Low Profile
Full Size Trucks
  • Material – Salt
  • 34" x 39" x21"
  • 10" Spinner
  • Spreading Width – 3' – 30'
  • 8 cu.yrd. Capacity
  • Optional Top Screen, Adjustable Deflector and Truck Deflector Flap
  • Choose Fixed Mount, Dual Swing-Away Mount or Class IV Receiver Hitch Mount
Model 2500 Low Profile
Full Size Trucks
  • Material – Salt
  • 34" x 39" x21"
  • 15" Spinner
  • Adjustable Feed Gate w/Positive Material Flow Shut-Off
  • Adjustable Material Deflectors
  • Spreading Width – 3' – 30'
  • Molded Polyethylene Cover
  • 8.5 cu.yrd. Capacity
  • Class IV Receiver Hitch Mount is Standard
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