Snow Equipment

Here at Central Jersey Trailer and Hitch, we represent three major brands. You can purchase parts and have those parts properly installed on your equipment. Go ahead and click below to discover more information.

Plowing snow for a living is a tough business. Whether you're a homeowner and need a plow for your own driveway, a small business owner and need to plow your own parking lot or you're a professional snowplower or municipality, let us fit you with a snowplow to fit your needs.
(Meyer V Snow Plow)
We Represent 3 Major Brands
For more than 70 years Fisher Engineering has been producing snowplows, hopper and tailgate spreaders. Click the link below.
Buyers engineering, manufacturing and assembly takes place in the USA where they were founded in 1946. Click the link below.
Since 1926, Meyer Products has been building snowplows, it all started on a farm in Newburgh, New York Click the link below.

Spreader Equipment

 In-Bed - Tailgate Spreaders – Walk Behind Spreaders
Financing Available to Qualified Buyers Purchasing NEW Snow Equipment
Interested in financing your new snowplow or spreader? 

Our friends at Sheffield Financial can help you finance your dream. You can apply online and get a response in just 10 minutes.Click now to get your options

Central Jersey Trailer & Hitch, LLC is prepared for your unexpected snow plow emergencies. We stock a big selection of Snow Plow Parts & Accessories for many major brands. We are open during storms, give us a call.
If you'd like to apply for financing in person go ahead and Contact Us today for an appointment.
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